Is there a ServSafe practice test?


ServSafe offers free practice tests on their website For trained and registered instructors. Several other organizations also offer sample tests that are available online for free.

For those looking for additional training materials, the ServSafe website offers the most recent practice tests. Instructors can download and print these tests, so students can prepare for the ServSafe examination. Some counties do have practice tests available online, but they may not be the most current ones. As of May 2014, the practice tests should be For the sixth edition of the ServSafe Book, since this has the most recent changes made by the FDA in 2013.

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You can take a practice permit test at They provide practice tests for just about all types of driving tests from permit tests, to driving tests to CDL tests.
A Servsafe passing score is 60 or higher. A score of 60 or higher is
1. Type every day. Practice for a typing test by carving out 10 to 15 minutes every day to type non-stop. This will make your study time easier by spreading it out rather than typing
Remember all the temperatures. Like for proper storage, serving temps, reheating, etc. Also, the hardest part to me was the questions about foodborne illnesses, symptoms, incubation
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