Set a Noma Timer?


A Noma Timer allows users to set lights to come on or turn off at certain times of the day or night. To set the timer, you will first need to plug it into an outlet. Check the digital display for the letter C. This letter C represents the current time. You will need to use the buttons on the top of the timer to set the current time. Press the buttons on the bottom of the timer until the letter P is shown, then use the top buttons to set the time you would like the lights to come on. Press the bottom button again until the letter E is showing to set the time that the lights turn off. A red dot on the time display shows that the time is PM.
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1. 24 hour plug in timer. Grasp the outer portion of the timer dial and rotate it to display the current time of day in the small center window. If there is no center window, then
with a home lamp timer.
Here is access to the instruction manual for this timer. I think you'll find it very helpful.….
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