Set Clock on JVC Car Radio?


Everything there is to know about the JVC car radio is found in this instruction manual. Anyone can learn to set clock on JVC car radio. Setting the clock is just one of the many pieces of information that can be found in the manual.
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1. Hold down the "Sel" button on the face of your JVC car radio for several seconds until the display switches to a menu. 2. Press the "Left" or "Right"
The model number would be helpful.
Go to There you can download the manual for free.
Follow the instructions on page 4 of this manual.
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How to Set the Clock on a JVC Car Radio
Many cars come with a JVC car radio. Most models will allow you to listen to CDs as well as radio stations while you cruise around in your vehicle. A JVC car radio also has a digital display that will show information about the music you are listening to... More »
Difficulty: Easy
It is not difficult to set the clock on a JVC car radio. You need to make sure the radio is turned off first. Then you can go into the settings and change the time.
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