Seth Thomas Clock Instructions?


The instructions for a Seth Thomas clock depend on the type and model of Seth Thomas clock that you have. To set an auto set Seth Thomas clock, you will need to 2 AA batteries. First turn over the clock so that you are looking at the back, Locate the time zone button on the back of the clock. From there, set your correct time zone. The clock should now be displaying the correct time. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment and set the mode button to 'Run.' Turn the clock around and ensure that the clock is running.
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1. Locate the two original keys that came with your clock; they will be identical. Purchase two replacement keys from your local clock repair shop if you cannot find your original
That is like asking 'How much is a Chevrolet worth? Is it a wall, table, mantle, grandfather clock? Which model? When was it made? Is it mechanical, electric, or quartz?
Seth Thomas first started making clocks in 1812. Is there anything else
sorry, I have no idea what that number means. Try searching Ebay to find one like yours and then you will know. There may be a ink-stamped date or date code on the case bottom or
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You are very lucky if you are one of the owners of a Seth Thomas Antique Clocks. Place it in your living room where it will receive much admiration. Maintain its ...
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