Settlement Amounts in Slip and Fall Cases?


There are no set settlement amounts in slip and fall cases. Each case is individually handled according to the accident. Many times, if a case is successfully tried, a person involved in a slip and fall case can receive money for pain and suffering, bills, and time lost at work. Slip and fall cases are not meant to be a way to get rich. Most of the time they are handled by insurance companies and do not even go to court.
Q&A Related to "Settlement Amounts in Slip and Fall Cases?"
There are no "settlement amounts. If a party files a law suit and the defendant decides to offer a settlement, the parties will settle on whatever they agree to.
1 Document the accident. While evidence varies, you will want to write down exactly what happened. Take all circumstances into account. Were there any visible defects or objects that
Things You'll Need. Photos or drawings of the area where you fell. List of witnesses who saw you fall. Medical records and bills. Pay stubs showing time missed from work. Numbered
In my experience Wal-Mart will offer Zero.with or without an attorney. They play hardball and will likely contend thay are not responsible since some customer spilled water on the
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