Seven Biomes?


The seven biomes are the seven large geographical areas that provide a home to distinctive plant and animal life. They are normally defined by climate, geography, major plant life and adaptations of their life-forms and are not permanent features of the earth. They are; temperate forests, alpine tundra, boreal forest, cold desert, temperate rainforest, temperate grassland and coastal desert.
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Temperate forests include oak, beech and maple. Temperate forests occur in areas of Asia, Europe and North America with moderate climates. They get about 30 to 60 inches of evenly
On Earth. stupid! we are asking for a specific place in the earth!
The terrestrial biomes are Tundra, Tropical Forest, Grasslands, Taiga,
The term biome means the main groups of plants and animals living in areas of certain climate patterns. It includes the way in which animals, vegetation and soil interact together
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