Sewer Gnat?


Drain flies are also called sewer gnats. Sewer gnats are caused by organic materials like grease that are built up in your drains. These organic materials are what sewer flies like to lay their eggs in. Once the eggs are laid, they hatch in about two days and spend the next two weeks eating the matter that has built up in your drains. Once they have grown to adulthood, they fly out of the drain and infest the house.
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1. Turn on hot water to loosen up the gelatinous material on the sides of your drain and pipes. Remove the drain trap. 2. Push a snake into your pipe system by twisting it through
you may be cleaning and emptying it but you have to kill the bacteria so try some spray bleach. plus you should be using RV chemical flush anyway.
Sewer gnats, or drain gnats, emerge from your home's plumbing in the springtime, according to the University of Nebraska. These gnats look very much like fruit flies but do not have
1. Remove the slime in the drain with a pipe brush and a plumbing snake. Use the pipe brush to clean off the sides of the drain. Once you have cleaned the pipes, insert the snake
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