How to Crochet a Kleenex Box Cover?


Using a pattern it is easy to crochet a Kleenex box cover. The first step is to choose a pattern for a cover that perfectly fits a Kleenex tissue box and gather the materials listed in the instructions. After that is done you will have to crochet according to the design and once finished just slip the cover over the tissue box.
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1. Place the material on a cutting surface. If the material has a specific pattern, place the pattern facing you. Measure 19 inches across the bottom of the cloth and 14 1/2 inches
Office Depot or Staples.
To begin covering the box with patterned paper, flip your paper over to the back and place the box on the paper leaving enough room on each side of the box for the paper to be able
If this has to be closely fitting, the best pattern will be one you make yourself -- see:… Source(s): 50 years of sewing
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