How to Braid Hair for a Sewn-in Weave?


You can braid hair for a sew-in weave like cornrows or around the head. The best way is braids to the back or cornrows. Make sure you use the proper needle and thread for this procedure.
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1. Pull your hair into a ponytail without tying the ponytail off. Keep the braid low so the hair tracks cannot be seen. 2. Use the comb to divide the hair into three parts. 3. Move
Personally, I do not braid my hair in a circle because it becomes too bulky towards the top. Straight down braids will leave your head with a more "flat" appearance so it
Wash or perm hair as needed.Grease scalp if needed and make sure hair is
sew over top of already sew weft.
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About Sewn in Hair Weaves
If you want to change your look overnight, then sewn in hair weaves may be for you. They can take you from long to short, monochrome to highlights and flat to high volume. Sewn in weaves look and feel like real hair. They are extremely appealing to... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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