How do you take care of shamrock plants?


Shamrock Plants are perennial plants that are easy to grow and are mostly potted. To take care of these plants ensure that they are grown under cool temperature ranging from 50 to 75 degree. When the soil is dry you can water them knowing that over watering can cause rotting of the bulbs. These plants undergo dormancy therefore, remove the leaves carefully as they die then move them to bright location. Make sure they are not facing sunlight directly.
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1. Plant Shamrock seeds in a small pot or growing tray with a moist, well-drained soil mixture. It is best to use a packaged start mix of seeds. 2. Place the seeds on the surface
They will cease to be dormant depending on the weather (ie is it freezing cold or is it so overcast that there is less daylight than normal) and more importantly the amount of light
Umbrella Plants require lots of bright indirect light such
Seidi. I am not certain from only seeing one picture but it looks like a heart leaf Philodendron.Yours is the large leaf variety "Philodendron giganteum"Type this name into
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Shamrock Plant Care Instructions
Shamrocks are easy to grow and make a beautiful addition to your garden. They also do very well as potted plants. Shamrocks are all part of the Oxalis species; the ones that are most common include: • Oxalis triangularis, with deep purple... More »
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There are more than 500 varieties of shamrock plants and they can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoor shamrocks need bright, indirect sunlight. Keep the soil ...
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