Shang Dynasty Craftsmen Were Known for Their?


The Shang Dynasty craftsmen were known for their bronze artifact they created. These craftsmen were very creative with their art and also added writing inscriptions.
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silk, bronze, jade, and stone works.
Shang dynasty craftsmen were known for their extraordinary work with
The Shang Dynasty was in power a very long time ago and so there is not a tremendous amount of information about it available. They did have written records, but none of it survived
The Shang Dynasty was China's first historical dynasty. It began about 1766 B.C. and lasted till about 1045 B.C. The previous dynasty, the Hsia, is believed to be mythical. The Shang
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The Zhou and Shang dynasties cover the period of 1700 to 250 BC. They were both known for their use of jade and bronze, and for their well-trained armies and use ...
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