How to Tell the Difference Between Shark & Dolphin Fins?


To dell the difference between shark and dolphin fins, simply feel their texture. Shark fins are smooth, however, can be hard and robust as well. They are also very stiff in design. Dolphin fins are smooth, flexible, and much smaller than shark fins. Shark fins also protrude out of the water, and are more visible than dolphin fins.
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1. Pay very close attention to the shape of the tip on the animal's dorsal fin. Dolphins' dorsal fins feature a curved look. The fins of sharks, however, are shaped more like a triangle
A dolphin's fin is rounded at the top, but a shark's fin is straight
A dolphins dorsal fin is rounded at the top. Sharks are
A sharks dorsal fin is usually more pointed at the tip, also called falcate, while the dolphins is more round tipped with more sloped angle while the sharks is generally more straight
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