Shark Vs Crocodile?


While the crocodile is the largest reptile on the planet, the great white shark is also known as the world's largest predator and having the two fight, it may not be easy to conclude that the crocodile or shark will win because they are all tough. What may happen is that at the end of the fight, the shark may be wounded because of having only one fin for support.
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Depends on the shark. A great white shark attacks from bellow and since crocodiles have soft stomachs they would most likely lose. Great whites also have electrical sensors on their
The shark would have a bigger bite. and probably faster since its a fish, but if it were just a tug-of-war battle the croc would win.
Crocodile attacks are by far more common. The "Nile" crocodile alone attacks hundreds of people a year, while in Asia and Australia, reported attacks by the saltwater crocodile
Crocodiles are 200 million years old. The earliest known sharks date from more t.
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It would be odd for a shark and a crocodile to end up fighting. It would depend on the type of shark, but in almost any case, the crocodile would win. They have ...
Crocodiles don't have natural enemies, but they can be endangered by lions, sharks, hippos. Humans are known to have the greatest ability to threaten crocodiles. ...
Bull sharks eat other bull sharks. When the bull shark swims too close to the shallows of a river then crocodiles think it is just a large fish and will eat them ...
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