How to Troubleshoot a Sharp Carousel Microwave?


The first thing that you will need to do when you troubleshoot a Sharp Carousel Microwave is to check the power cord to see if its plugged in. Next is to get the glass tray from the machine and wipe it clean. Next is to place something inside it after you replaced the glass tray and check for heat at the back. If it is not warm, then you will need to get it fixed.
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Things You'll Need. Screwdriver. Helper. Instructions. Unplug your Sharp Carousel microwave from the outlet. If the microwave is above the counter or range, the outlet will be in
A Sharp carousel microwave can be purchased from online sellers such as Amazon. If one wants to buy and take home the same day, retailers such as Sears or Best Buy carry the Sharp's_the_best_place_to...
The Compu Cook button on the Sharp Microwave is geared more for
If the time is *NOT* a four (4) character (i.e. 2:15, 6:30, 9:45, etc), you need to insert a zero before the other characters (i.e. 0215, 0630, 0945). That may be why you're getting
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Sharp Carousel Microwave Installation
Installing a Sharp carousel microwave in your kitchen makes reheating and cooking food a cinch. Just place your food on the glass plate, program a cycle and wait while electromagnetic waves heat your dinner using molecular friction. There are only a few... More »
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