What causes a sharp pain in the armpit?


Sharp pain in the armpit may be something as minor as razor bumps, or as severe as breast cancer. Armpit glands, also known as axillary glands are vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections. Sharp pain in armpit is experienced due to fungal attack. Bacterial infection causes inflammation which gives rise to severe pain in armpit. One of the common bacterial diseases is the cat scratch disease. It causes immense itching, swelling and pain. Bacteria can invade through skin pores and superficial wounds. Boils, bumps and cysts might develop due to clogging of pores and sebaceous glands.
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For a woman this could be related to the type of bra being worn.
The most obvious reason for armpit pain is that you have injured it in some way. This can include cuts, bruises or other injuries. The armpit can become irritated, but usually, the
A heart attack or stroke
Ellerie, that does sound like lymphatic tissue being slightly reactive. I had lymphoma 14 years ago and STILL occasionally get those same type of sharp pains in my underarm lymphatic
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