Sharp Pain under Left Breast?


A sharp pain under left breast may be due to several causes. It may be a possible manifestation of heart burn if the pain extends to the stomach. If it does not, then it may be due to a heart condition.
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Sharp pains and pain under the left breast could be caused by many things such as gas; ulcers; stomach problems; gallbladder or pancreas. It is important to see your doctor so they
According to the Loyola University Health System and, this condition can cause pain in your breasts. Right before your menstrual period, when there are higher
Go to a different doctor, we are human and all make mistakes, dont let his mistake cost you your life.
The sharp pain could
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The pain that is felt under the breast can be caused by medical conditions that affect the organs in the abdomen. The pain under the right breast can be due to ...
Pain under the left breast, under the ribs, is often a telltale sign of an ulcer. It can be caused from trapped gas in the colon, or a build up of acid. Spleen ...
There could be a variety of different things that could cause chest pain under the left breast. One thing is a blood clot. Another thing could be pneumonia or ...
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