Sharpest Sword in the World?


The Ninhoto Katana is considered to be the sharpest type of sword in the world. It was recorded as being able to chop through eight prisoners at once. The Katana is a single edged Japanese sword.
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The world's sharpest sword is entirely dependent on the individual sword itself. However, there are many types of swords, both contemporary and ancient, that are rumored to be consistently
The Gallivanting Dragon Sword is the sharpest sword in the world. The tip of the's...
Prior to the development of advanced technology in recent decades, historically there have been three contenders to this title: 1) The Japanese katana (samurai sword), particularly
1. Take a flight to Venomspite (Horde) or Winterguard Keep (Alliance) You will have to manually fly there on a flying mount if you do not already have the flight point. Pick up the
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