How do you create a Sharpie tattoo?


To create a Sharpie tattoo, trace your image onto a piece of tracing paper. Apply an alcohol-based deodorant to the spot where the tattoo will go, then apply the image face down onto that same spot. Peel the paper off, and the image should transfer. Trace outline with a fine Sharpie, then fill with coloured Sharpies (if desired).
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Sharpie offers a ton of colors to draw and create art with. Here are a few tips to master before adding temporary tattoo's to your list. 1. Consider your skin tone. If it's light,
using a sharpie in my opinion is a bit stupid if you're looking for a temp. I don't mean any offense but unless you're too young to, get a real one done of something you know for
The only way to make a Sharpie tattoo look real is if you are an artist and
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