How do you create a Sharpie tattoo?


To create a Sharpie tattoo, trace your image onto a piece of tracing paper. Apply an alcohol-based deodorant to the spot where the tattoo will go, then apply the image face down onto that same spot. Peel the paper off, and the image should transfer. Trace outline with a fine Sharpie, then fill with coloured Sharpies (if desired).
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Dont get a real one trust me my friend who is like so manly said it hurts sooooooooooooooo bad so dont But i know how you get some tracing paper of regular printing paper k. YOU draw
The only way to make a Sharpie tattoo look real is if you are an artist and
I can answer this one as a "professional sharpie tattooist" haha. Honestly though I've been drawing on myself with sharpies for roughly 7 years, and still will to this day
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