She Made Me Wear Diapers?


She made me wear diapers may sound like the title to a made for TV movie, but the reality is that a lot of teens have a diaper fetish. Catching your teenager wearing diapers or in possession of them can be very confusing. Your teen may have a bedwetting problem, and wearing diapers is their way of dealing with it. They may be afraid to tell you, not knowing what your reaction may be. If it turns out that the diapers are a fetish, keep an open mind. and avoid hostility and yelling. The need for diapers can be hard to fathom for someone that does not understand the teen baby or teen diaper fetish. Suggest counseling for you and your teen.
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she probably cannot help it and she is not a retard. some thing needs to be done about the kids that are pulling her skrit down and laughing at her. they should be suspended. some
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My daughter is just three years old. She doesn't wear diapers during the day but still does at night. Recently, her pediatrician advised me not to put on diapers to my daughter even
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