What Is an Equivalent to Shell Alvania Grease?


Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 is the previous name of Shell Alvania Ep2 Grease. Mobilux Ep 2 by Mobil is equivalent to Shell Alvania Ep2 Grease. This grease is used to pack or grease bearings.
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Your local lawn mower repair shop or auto parts store should be able to recommend a suitable grease that would be equivalent.
compatible grease available in tube form.
Unirex N2 is close to the equivalent of Alvania R2.
SKF LGMT 2 is very similar.
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Shell Gadus Grease was formerly known as Alvania Grease. There were several types of Shell Alvania Grease including EP, which have a brown color and are made with ...
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