How much does a Shell gas station franchise cost?


A Shell franchise requires a minimum investment of $125,000 in the United States including other fees, reports StartupBizHub, According to the Filipino branch of Royal Dutch Shell, there is no franchise fee, but application fees do apply along with monthly royalty and retailer fees.

Royal Dutch Shell goes on to say the company trains the retailer. There is also no need to purchase a tank truck to become a Shell retailer, but maintenance of the pumps and other equipment is the franchise owner's responsibility. However, Shell provides all necessary equipment to get the business owner started immediately.

The pre-screening process normally takes two to three months, and the contract lasts for three years. Contract renewal depends on the performance of the franchise owner. Qualifications for a franchise owner include such attributes as having the necessary capital, a willingness to be trained and the ability to motivate workers. The recruitment of workers and managers is solely the retailer's responsibility, but Shell provides assistance during the hiring process.

Shell provides the location site if it is owned by the company, but the dealer otherwise chooses the location. Only individuals can apply for a franchise, not companies or corporations, Shell's website says. An individual may operate as a "closed corporation" but must prove majority ownership of the corporation.

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