Shift Solenoid E Malfunction?


The shift E malfunction means that the solenoid either needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. When the shift E solenoid malfunction occurs, typically the check engine light with be lit up. When a mechanic checks the problem, a common code is P0770. Replacing, cleaning, or repairing the solenoid is usually easy to do. The solenoid is easily accessed from the outside, since it is not an internal car part. The shift solenoid E is part of the transmission.
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A solenoid, which can at times include what is called a starter solenoid or a starter relay, is the part of your vehicle that sends a large electric current to the motor to start
shift solenoid e malfunction in a 1998 dode.
It is a transmission shift solenoid code.
In your transmission there is a solenoid pack... each solenoid controls the first gear to second, second to third, third to fourth and so on. a solenoid malfunction may mean that
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