What causes skin problems for a Shih Tzu?


Excessive itching is a common problem among the Shih Tzus. This problem can be avoided by using various herbs, vitamins and antioxidants. Making sure a nutritionally adequate diet can also avoid these problems.
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I would suggest seeking the advice of a board certified dermatologist, especially if your general practiction is out of advice. He may require biopsies. He could have anything from
The most common ailments in the Shih Tzu dog are patellar luxation (dislocation
At this age those are signs of so many things that it is important you take the puppy to the vet immediately. It could be very serious and contagious like distemper or parvo or it
They look like they have astigmatism. I could be wrong.
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Shih Tzu Skin Problems
Shih Tzus are a generally healthy, hardy breed of dog despite their show-dog looks. However, they are susceptible to certain diseases. Skin diseases are not one of the more common problems affecting a Shih Tzu's health, but they do happen. Quick... More »
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