Shin Bruise?


Shin bruise is a hematoma that crops up on the calf. It is characterized by a change in color as well as swelling of the affected area as the tissue is damaged. Some of the possible causes of Shin bruise include blunt trauma, coagulopathy, anticoagulant medications, venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis.
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Probably you chalked your shins too much before you trampolined, the excess chalk would cause the dry skin and an over exuberant application could lead to bruising.
If the shin pain has not stopped you need to get it checked out. You may have a hairline fracture for example.
The list of medical conditions thay cause Shin swelling or bruises
As you strike something with your shins hard, you create tiny micro fractures in the bone which rebuilds harder and stronger.. repeated kicking calcifies your bone and deadens your
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The shin bone bruise is also known as a bruised tibia. This typically happens when playing sports that may lead to getting shin injuries. It can also happen by ...
There are various reasons why shins would be itchy and then bruised. The itching could be anything from a grass allergy to bug bites or scrapes. The bruises can ...
To treat a bruised shin bone, you should elevate your foot and apply ice. You should alternate sessions of icing and not leave the ice on all of the time. ...
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