Shoe Size European American?


Most conversion charts slightly vary from European to American size. This variation is apparent for men and women sizes. For the European size 39 for men, the American equivalent is 8½ - 9. For women, the size 39 is an American 7½ - 8.
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definatley a size 7 1/2. have a nice day.
In mens, a 41 equals a size 8 to size 9. In womens, a 41 equals a
1. Determine your shoe size. Foot size can change throughout your life, so having a professional measurement will help with your calculations. 2. Add 33 to your shoe size if you wear
Here you may find a convertion table for shoe sizes.
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The conversion is a number based on the ...
definatley a size 7 1/2. have a nice day. ...
size six in kids for Europe is twenty two. ...
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