Short Hairstyles for Round Faces?


If you have a round face and are looking for a short haircut, you're in luck! There are many haircuts that will flatter you, so it's just a matter of choosing which one you want to work.

  • Starting on the longer end of the short spectrum, you might try a long bob. Have the hair cut just an inch or two below the jaw line, and feel free to work in some longer layers to add interest and texture.

  • Next up is the pixie cut. A classic short haircut for many years, the pixie allows you the freedom to keep some longer pieces around the periphery of your face, which will help to create an effect of elongation.

  • For an even shorter look, go gamine. Add some spiky layers on top to create some height.

Whatever haircut you choose, remember to keep a vertical emphasis by adding volume to the top or preserving some length on the sides. Too much volume around the sides of your face will exaggerate its rounded shape.

Keep these simple rules in mind, and you can't go wrong. So get snipping and have fun with your fabulous new short ‘do.
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Cameron Diaz is proof rules are meant to be broken. Usually bobs and short cuts in general don't look good on round face shapes, but this particular bob looks fantastic on Cameron
I suggest not curling or tying up your hair if you have a round face because it might make it look even rounder or wider. You should simply leave your hair down, the way it is, or
something that's evenly cropped, with short, wide bangs. (pic included. Source(s) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SCmlsrAEy0Q/Sa…. http://media.photobucket.com/image/miss%&hellip
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Hairstyles for Short Round Faces
The ultimate goal in reducing the appearance of a round face is to choose a style that provides slenderizing effects. Thick, bulky hairstyles only enhance roundness and styles at shoulder length make the face appear wider. Choosing a hairstyle for a... More »
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