What are some short prayers for meetings?


A short prayer for a meeting can be anything from giving thanks to allowing everyone to attend the meeting. There is no set prayer. Speak from the heart and say what you are grateful for.
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1. Inform others about your meeting. Make announcements and post signs detailing the date, time, place and purpose of your meeting. 2. Welcome everyone once the meeting starts. Thank
1. Pray for God to send workers in the harvest. Matthew 9:37-38. 2. Pray for Conversion of the Lost. Isaiah 58:6, 66:8, and I Timothy 2:4. Pray that the powers that hold men in bondage
There are many reasons why prayer meeting is valuable. The bible says that where two or more are gathered in God's name, he is in the midst of them. It also says that the prayer of
(prâr) n. An evangelical service, especially one held on a weekday evening, in which the laypersons participate by singing, praying, or testifying their faith.
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