Short Story No One's a Mystery by Elizabeth Tallent?


The short story 'No One's a Mystery' by Elizabeth Tallent is a coming-of-age story. The story details the relationship between a girl who turns 18 and a man five years her senior. The themes include the loss of innocence and the acceptance of reality.
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A theme that shows up throughout the story is that of CONTRAST. The narrator is very sentimental while Jack either holds back his emotions, or feels none for his mistress. Also, the
The narration of the story is first person with the main character as the unnamed narrator. Jack, her lover, is a married man. Her naivete clouds her judgment. She overlooks the
"No Ones a Mystery" by Elizabeth Tallent explores the
1. Read some mystery short stories to get the feel of the pace. Edgar Allen Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle are the masters of this genre. You can even find some of their short stories
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