Short Story Themes?


Theme is just a fancy literary word for the 'main idea of a text.' Writers don't usually just write without having a deeper message that they want to convey; every great story has a great idea behind it. When writing a short story, the options are really endless in terms of what point, or theme, you want to share with your reader.

Mark Twain, author of many a great stories, suggests that the best place to start is to 'Write what you know.' From isolation to a journey, or good vs evil to the loss of innocence, find a theme that fits what you want to convey and write away!
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1. Understand the main character. Analyzing the main character is an important part of discovering the theme. List the physical and intangible attributes of the main character. Decide
What the story is based around. Like a disco party.
When writing a story it is important to have a plot, character, setting, style and theme. The theme of the story will be message or lesson you are trying to get across. It is perfectly
1. Choose an incident. The best will deal with a single event that happens in a limited time, has an interesting beginning and a clear conclusion, has context (time, people, place
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