What is the symbol for a short vowel sound?


The symbol that indicates a short vowel sound is called a breve. This diacritical mark is shaped like the bottom half of a circle or a smile. The symbol that indicates a long vowel is called a macron. The macron is just a simple line above the letter.
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A short vowel is denoted by a downward-curved horizontal line called a. breve.
A short vowel sound is indicated by a curved horizontal line (curved side
1. Write a list of C-V-C words on the board for each of the five vowels. Review the words with students. Emphasize the short vowel sound in each word. For example, if you were reading
Short vowel sounds have the curve over the letter (in the dictionary) compared to a line, which is long. Long vowels are the ones that sound like the letter. Ex: lake. you pronounce
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