Should cell phones be allowed in class?


When a teacher has to take a cell phone away from a student, it brings up the question of whether or not cell phones should be allowed in class. Some people argue that they should, because it can be used in case of an emergency either from outside the school or inside. Others argue that they shouldn't, because they only distract or provide answers to tests. To decide how you feel on this subject, you should look at both sides to draw your conclusion.
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Not much other than typing notes instead of writing and using the calculator. At my school, we can't use mobile phones in class but many people turn their phone to vibrate and we
1. Use your ear piece when answering. Say "Yeah" instead of "Hello" when you pick up the phone. Whisper and try to move your lips as little as possible when speaking
They should not be allowed to use them, because it is
Yeah, the only think I can really think of is in case of an emergency and you need to call for help. Just because schools have plans to be able to call for help does not mean these
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Permitting cell phones in schools allows parents and children to stay in touch more easily for routine reasons or in emergencies. On the other hand, they can be a distraction during class and can be used to cheat on exams.
The real decision regarding cell phones lies with parents. Short of checking each and every backpack, school officials can only enforce cell phone bans if they catch a student with a prohibited device.
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