Should Electronics Be Allowed in School?


Electronics should only be allowed in school if they aid in learning. Electronics such as phones should not be allowed. These types of electronics often cause distractions.
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I personally believe that electronics should be allowed in school but they should not be used during class time. I believe they should be able to use phones and ipods before school, during their lunch breaks, and after school.
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because for the most part it calms students down. im in middle school and this year my friends and i made a petition to let us listen to our ipods and mp3 players during lunch and
Cell phones should be allowed in school because it can keep the parents in contact with their child. It gives a sense of comfort.
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Well, teachers are taking their time and energy to do everything in their power to make you succeed in your education, and by playing with your phone in class kind of tells them:
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It is probably unrealistic to think that children will not bring electronic devices to school like cell phones. They should probably be allowed to take them so ...
No, IPods shouldn't be allowed in school because school is a place for learning. If a student brings an IPod to school, they won't concentrate and have their full ...
No, Ads shouldn't be allowed in schools. This is so because they are too distracting. Schools are meant for learning not commercials. These advertisements are ...
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