Should I add my social media accounts to my email signature?

What are the pros and cons of adding your social media profile names and accounts on your email signature? Does this help attract followers? What do you think?


Jennifer Wing (Internet Marketing Director, Web Marketing Partners)
Adding your social media links to your email can increase your visibility online by adding another way for people to connect with you. I recommend adding them with a call to action...such as 'connect with me on ....' or 'check out my'....that way you give them a reason to click thru otherwise they tend to become email 'decoration' with little active response.
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Nica Mandigma (Virtual Assistant | Social Media Specialist | Blogger, The Virtual Assistant)
Yes, I think that it is a must. But as Barbara said, not all of them. For example, I add my LinkedIn and Twitter Signatures to my email signature because I consider those to be professional/business accounts. I used to have my personal Facebook account to my email signature but now that I created a Facebook fan page for my VA practice, I use that one.

I am not sure that it attracts followers ( i have to check with Google analytics to see if it does) but it does look pretty. Plus, it gives you that instant credibility, that social proof that so many people are looking for.
Barbara Bix (Managing Principal, BB Marketing Plus)
Yes, but maybe not all of them. You may maintain different social media presences for different audiences.

For example, you may use LinkedIn for business networking, Twitter for thought leadership, and Facebook for keeping up with your friends. Even so, it may be appropriate to add all three to your signature.

On the other hand, you may not want your colleagues from work 'friending' you on Facebook--and you may prefer that those who want to hear more from you visit your website, or blog--rather than LinkedIn.

A reason it's generally a good idea to add your social media accounts to your signature is that you're giving interested parties 1) a way to volunteer for lead nurturing--and 2) the option to choose the media where they'd like to receive your updates.
Jill McBride (President, JZMcBride and Associates)
I recommend adding your social media links to your email signature ONLY IF the content you put out via social media is relevant to your business. For example, I have both a personal twitter account and a business twitter account (twitter/jzmcbridepr) and I only list my business account in my email signature.
Chris Selland (Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Hale Global)
I'm not sure there's a 'right' answer to this question - mostly a matter of personal preference and how you use various social networks.

LinkedIn is basically my professional 'persona' so I generally use it on my email signature.

Since my use of Twitter is both professional and personal, I might add my handle when I know someone fairly well or it otherwise seems appropriate. But generally speaking, I don't put my Twitter handle in my signature (though it is on my LinkedIn profile).
Stephanie Hackney (Chief Brander, Branding Masters)
That depends on who you'll be sending emails to and what you want them to think about you. Everything you do - from Tweeting to how you behave at an industry event - reflects on your brand, your personal brand, and if you have a business, your business brand.

If you are using one email address (and I don't recommend doing so), then you should offer people as many ways to contact, and learn about, you as possible in your email signature. Make it easy for people to do business with you by providing them with information they might need to make a decision about whether or not you are right for them.

I recommend having both personal and professional email signatures, as well as separate emails for specialized hobbies, etc. You can set up Outlook (and I would imagine this works in other programs as well) to have multiple signatures. When you compose an email, you can decide which signature to use (think about who you are speaking to and what your relationship with that person is).

For example, I have one email address for personal use, for people who know me. In that signature, I only have my name and email address and cell number. These people already know me and I don't want to tout everything about what I am doing professionally in their messages. Now, if a personal relationship is destined to become a professional one as well, I can always choose the business signature in a future email.

In my business signature, I have every means of contacting, and learning about, me clearly displayed. This includes my name, my title, my business name and my cell number, as well as links to my email address, my website, my Twitter account and my LinkedIn page. By providing all of this information, I have made it easy for people to research my background, read my writing and reach me in a number of ways.

Lastly, I have done a lot of traveling. My husband and I have a travel website where we have provided tons of information to aspiring travelers. We have included pictures, lessons learned, lists, how-to's and many stories of our adventures. While that information might be interesting to my professional contacts, it is not the subject of our conversations and not something I wish to highlight in those relationships. So, I have a separate email signature for conversing with potential travelers and those I've met while traveling. Most of these people don't care about my professional life, and if they want to know more, they ask and I send them links.

It's important to think about your audience when communicating - what do they care about and what 'brand' are you presenting to them? Will they be confused if you present 'multiple personalities' to them? Will they think better, or worse, of you if they learn about your other interests or pursuits?

I hope this was helpful and welcome questions, as well as input from others.
Lynn Maria Thompson (President, Thompson Writing & Editing, Inc.)
You may want to use different signatures for different audiences, including in each the social media links that will be relevant to the recipients. I actually have different e-mail addresses for my different lines of business, and the profile links in the signatures for each are also different. It's a great way to get new followers for your social media accounts and get to know some of your customers a little better. Hopefully, you're savvy enough to know to have different social media profiles for your personal and your professional selves; you don't necessarily want all your business contacts to see your latest family vacation pix or know what you did over the weekend!
Jay Mandel (Leader, Global Digital Marketing , MasterCard)
My advice is not to overwhelm your signature with lots of links. I prefer managing my social links and others on one elegant site like (a simple and elegant personal portal). As an added bonus, buy a url in your name and benefit from increased SEO visibility. Check out

Another option is to consider one link to a site like This gives you the ability to share thoughts, photos and videos with our friends and family - but allows you to say more and go more in depth than typical social media.

The long and short of it is, posting social links is good, but make sure the collection is meaningful and is telling the story you want to tell.
Johnny Giles (Principal Owner, Expert Business Presentations)
Hi Sandra, send me an e-mail to and I will e-mail you a reply and you can see my interactive signature which has four buttons that direct people when clicked to my website, my 2 YouTube videos and my LinkedIn profile. I used eSigMarketing for to custom design my signature and I love it;

The reasons you want to add Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are numerous but here are a few I believe are most important;
-To let others know you are savvy about social media.
-To add followers to your profiles/accounts.
-To showcase your profile and/or recommendations you have received on them.
-To validate your business.

You can of course create your own signature but I highly recommend eSigmarketing and would love to show you mine so e-mail me!

Jesse de Agustin (Methodology Advisor, Facial Coding, emonalytics, inc.)
Yes, but as Nica mentions we must be selective. Also, if you have many social media accounts, our email signature can't come across as a 'laundry list' of information. This isn't memorable.

Another way to raise awareness of your social media presence is to mention your accounts in the course of your email. Obviously, this email takes more time and care to craft, but when social media presence is integrated with other arguments in the email body I believe the message is stronger, and more cohesive.

- Jesse
Vesna Bouarab
I do not include any contact info in my signature. I prefer to use the space for an interesting quote or promoting something I care about. If those you are emailing are not already linked to you through one of the various social media you can send them a customized invite.

I don't think there is any need to try to prove to other savvy social media-connected users that you are equally important since you have the same or more number of accounts. Your simple old email address with the same once-humorous preface is all most of your contacts need to know about you unless you choose. The signature contact is just plain info overload in many cases and unlike the email body, not custom-tailable enough
Jason Syptak
Adding social media accounts to one's email signature is dependent on one's self-promotional objectives.

If one aims to increase visibility because they use social media as a platform to dialogue business-related topics and insights, then yes. If one aims to use social media as a platform to share sporadic thoughts and comments, then no. However, I like to integrate the two. It aids in making a professional career more personable and less robotic. Executives have live too!

Thanks and Gig 'Em!

Follow me at the following:
Stephanie Ewen (Owner/Graphic Designer, HG Design Solutions)
I agree with Jill and Nica. You have to be selective, the days of sending a standardized single signature, I believe are over. If you are going to suggest to a contact or potential client to take the time to 'look you up' or 'follow you' somewhere, they expect to have information that is useful to them not personal posts or your latest cooking fiasco.

I think it is crucial to take the few extra minutes while constructing your email to integrate it into the email as Jesse suggested. You want to nurture these relationships not shoot out an impersonal email with the same signature leading them no where. Afterall, isnt that what Social Media is all about...relationships?
Jennifer Meltzer (Consultant, Independent)
I like to use my XeeSM for my email signature. You can organize and display your various sites - with comments to indicate how you like to use them. For an example, check out mine:
Raju Mandhyan
I think the world and eadership is becoming increasingly OPEN.
People need to SEE you to KNOW you, KNOW you to TRUST you. To be SEEN and HEARD you need to open up and stay CLEAN and WELCOMING.

If you don't stay OPEN people wwill peek through windows and backdoors.

Ergo, go ahead and put up as many links you can to the WORLD to YOU:)
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