Should I Pop a Cold Sore Blister?


You should not pop a cold sore blister because popping the blisters can then cause the sores to spread. Cold sores are a type of herpes virus called herpes simplex virus. This is similar to genital herpes, but is not the same thing. The virus, once gotten, tends to lay low, but never go completely away. This is why some people get more cold sores than other people do. The cold sore should be left alone, except to apply medication, and should definitely never be popped.
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1. Wash your hands. Before popping a cold sore, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Washing your hands will help prevent infection. 2. Position your
Not a good idea. Doing that could lead to an outbreak elsewhere. ChaCha!
1 Make sure you have a cold sore. A cold sore is the same as a fever blister , but it is not the same as a canker sore . Canker sores are mouth ulcers that occur inside the mouth.
I believe the supplement,Lysine, will help heal and even prevent these. Also,avoiding certain foods with acidic quality can help prevent these. Abeva,an over the counter medication,
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Cold sores can be pretty painful. They appear around the mouth or lip as a small red blister. After a few days, the blister pops and the sore turns to a scab. ...
A cold sore can be referred to as a fever blister or oral herpes. They are caused by herpes simplex. Herpes simplex is a virus. The herpes simplex virus comes ...
Cold sores are the inconvenient manifestation of the herpes virus. There is no cure for cold sores, and you may have to deal with them for the rest of your life. ...
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