Should Men Shave Their Armpits?


Whether or not men should shave their armpits is a matter of personal preference. Most men choose not to do so.
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1 Do not be embarrassed ! It's your body, you do what you want. Girls will love you for taking their feelings into consideration. Ad 2 Buy a razor, or use a new one. For the cleanest
1. Select a razor that has multiple blades for an efficient shave. Also find a razor with a comfortable handle that is easy to hold and maneuver. 2. Lather your armpit with water
It is just a regional thing. German men aren't the only ones who shave their
Not all men are. My boyfriend shaves his armpits because he plays a lot of sports, and it just makes him feel cleaner. (:
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Men can shave their armpits using a razor or an epilator. If the hair is really long, it is preferred to use a razor. To shave men armpits, first apply shaving ...
The fact that men should shave their groin or not is entirely a matter of opinion. It is not harmful to a person. It is often for either vanity or a medical ...
Like any hair removal question, the answer has more to do with personal preference than right and wrong. Swimmers and some other athletes may shave their entire ...
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