Should You Pop Sunburn Blisters?


You should not pop sunburn blisters. If you get a bad sunburn, sometimes blisters form. To care for these blisters, you should cover them with aloe vera gel.
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After you get sunburned, if blisters form, don't break them. You'll only slow't-you-p...
Well it's going to feel like someone is stabbing you in your sunburn if that area is touched. But, eventually, they will scab over, and you may get a few scars. Just don't rub against
Its a 2nd degree burn.It will heal. Try and wear sunscreen and cover the area when going out. Put burn ointment and Neosporin on the wound. Try to always keep it moist.and don't pop
Not medical advice: Try cool compresses and put Neosporin on any broken blisters due to sunburn.
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