Show Me a Centimeter on a Ruler?


It is simple to show someone how to read a centimeter on a ruler. One side is the side with the inches, which goes from zero to 12 and are large. The other side of the ruler is centimeters, which are smaller. Centimeter is a word that translates to one hundredth of a meter. There are 30 cm on a ruler, which means that 30 cm is equal to 12 inches. Some rulers have 15 inches on them, so check the ruler to be sure.
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1. Notice the ruler's larger markings are labeled centimeters (cm) and the smaller markings are labeled millimeters (mm) and that the ruler measures a total of 12 inches on one side
You would show 13 centimeters.
It just depends on how long the ruler is. If you mean the standard 12" ruler,
there are 30cm on a ruler and this equals 12inches i hope that this helps and btw this is a long ruler not a short one. Source(s) catherine.
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