Show Me the Color CYAN?


Cyan is a blue-green color, one that is like a calm sea on a clear day. It is the color of the sky reflected in the salt water. To see the color look for postcards of soft seascapes.

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cyan is a shade of blue, usually found in printer cartridges. It is a light blue color with a subtle
Cyan is aqua or blue-green, and was previously known as "cyan blue" Some tones of
take a look at economics at the time, it is usual after a recession for the colour trend experts to chose flashy colours after a grey period. Embed Quote
If you want to see cyan, just look at the color of the text below. Or click the link!… Source(s):
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Cyan is the resultant colour when green and blue are mixed together, or when red is withdrawn from white. Cyan, magenta and yellow colours have a greater chromatic ...
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