Show Me the Colour Khaki?


It is easy to show someone the color of khaki. This light brown color looks yellowish as well. Khaki is worn by many people for work attire and for comfort. Many armies used the khaki color in their uniforms. The color was invented in 1848. Some khakis are also called chinos. There are three types of khaki; light khaki, which is more yellow, then regular khaki, which is more brown in color. Following that is dark khaki which appears greenish.
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its like a biage or like brown and yellow.
a dull brownish-yellow colour. — ORIGIN from Urdu, ‘dust-coloured’.… a dull brownish yellow color [Mid-19th century
Nearly every color can go well with khaki. It is one of those neutral colors that don't have a wrong match. Pair it with any color, even a shade of its own variety (i.e. brown, tan,
The colour khaki is a light olive brown to moderate or light yellowish brown. Often used for military uniforms.
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Khaki is a yellowish brown dull colour or material that is made of cotton cloth of this colour. It is mostly used in the making of uniforms and can be made of ...
Khaki is a colour that comes from the Hindustani language meaning dusty, dust covered or earth coloured. It is mainly used by armies as a camouflage. In western ...
Khaki is light olive brown to dull, moderate or light yellowish brown. This colour defines dusty, dust covered or earth coloured. Khaki has a few shades and is ...
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