How to Remove a Shower Drain Cover?


If the cover is set with screws, simply use a screw driver to remove them. If it is sealed on the bottom of the shower, you should take a razor blade around the seal and then use a pry bar to pop it out. You may need to use the pry bar on various sides of the drain to loosen it.
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1. Dry the area on and around the shower drain cover. This will ensure that the screwdriver will not slide around during use. 2. Remove the drain stopper if there is one. Do so by
To unclog a shower drain you need to either use a commercial product like Drano or remove the drain cover. Then you can get in there and remove all of the gross hair and debris that
Plumbing wholesaler or hardware store.
1. Clean around the outside perimeter of the shower drain grid with a rag. There are two small notches on the outside perimeter. 2. Score in between the bottom of the shower drain
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To remove a shower drain cover dry the area around it completely and remove its stopper. Remove the cover by first removing the top screw and pulling it by its ...
To remove a shower drain cover you should have tools handy such as a flat head screw driver and a Philips head screw driver. First the area should be dry, next ...
To remove drain hole covers in a shower floor, there may be a few screws that need to be removed first. After the screws are removed, the cover should come right ...
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