Shrink a Hat?


To the best of my knowledge, the best way to shrink a hat is by using hot water. This works best if you have a cotton hat as the cotton fabric will definitely shrink if immersed in hot water. Afterwards, let it dry in a dryer.
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1. Wash your hat, either by hand or in the washing machine. Hot water helps to shrink clothing, but it can also cause dark colors to bleed and fade. Use cold water for dark hats or
you wash it with warm water in the washing machine.
Lukewarm water works best. Soak the hat in water from the sink with both knobs turned on, then slip the cap on and wait for it to dry. You will have to MORE?
If you have any round-shaped object that is close to your head size, like
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Sometimes a fitted hat is not really the right size. One may be able to shrink a hat by putting it in hot water or drying it in a hot dryer. This can shrink the ...
Polyester is difficult to shrink as it is a synthetic material. However, you can heat it in really hot water, or in the oven to make the fibers mold together ...
You can shrink a cotton hat that is too large to fit properly. A cotton hat is easy to shrink, and shrinking a cotton hat requires just a few basic household appliances ...
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