Shrink a Sweater?


First, note that you cannot shrink a sweater that has been washed already. You then wash it in hot water. Dry the sweater with the heat on high. Also note that cotton and wool may shrink a full size.
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Things You'll Need. Clothes washer. Alkaline-free shampoo. Hair conditioner. Towel. How to Shrink a Silk Sweater. Machine wash the sweater on the delicate setting in warm water. Silk
1 Put it in a washing-machine. Ad 2 Set the dial to the hottest possible option. 3 Put in detergent and/or softener. [OPTIONAL] 4 Close the lid. 5 Turn on the washing-machine. 6 Wait
You put it in the dryer. I did it and it worked!
it is hard to shrink without washing. The only way is dry clean!
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How to Make a Sweater Shrink
Whether you purchased a sweater that is too large for you or your sweater stretched out of shape with wear, shrinking a sweater is a simple process. By using a combination of three different treatments, you can reduce the size of the sweater fibers.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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