Shrink a Sweater?


First, note that you cannot shrink a sweater that has been washed already. You then wash it in hot water. Dry the sweater with the heat on high. Also note that cotton and wool may shrink a full size.
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1. Fill a sink or small dishpan with warm water. Add a small amount of gentle laundry soap to the water and agitate the water gently with your hands to make bubbles. 2. Place the
1. Put it in a washing-machine. Ad. 2. Set the dial to the hottest possible option. 3. Put in detergent and/or softener. [OPTIONAL] 4. Close the lid. 5. Turn on the washing-machine.
You put it in the dryer. I did it and it worked!
This hack works but it takes finesse. If you shrink your sweater too small, please don't blame me! You can wash the sweater and then put it in a dryer. on low heat. to shrink it -
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How to Make a Sweater Shrink
Whether you purchased a sweater that is too large for you or your sweater stretched out of shape with wear, shrinking a sweater is a simple process. By using a combination of three different treatments, you can reduce the size of the sweater fibers.... More »
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