Shrinking Spell?


There is much debate on if shrinking spells work or not. For those that believe they do, there are a variety of spells that can be performed to shrink a person or thing. For the shrinking spells, the one who is casting the spell must have a lot of power within them, as well as much patience and focus because this is a hard spell to pull off. For more information on spells, one website to look into would be Spells Of Magic.
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For a shrinking spell, you can use the incantation Ic corpus reductatus instantatus.
Since magic cannot defy the laws of nature, so can not a practitioner of magic. Some spells, such as invisible and shielding, are merely symbolic for 'being unnoticeable' and 'safe
Reducio. Not to be confused with the similar sounding spell, reducto, which turns objects into dust.
I'm sorry.WhAt! What would I do if you were my sister and IIII knew a shrinking spell and YOU stole my jeans? Ahh it's that fetish thing isn't it? O_o uhh. Guess you'd be half my
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There are several spells used to shrink something. Most only involve chanting and require good concentration. One such chant is 'Shrinky wink, Shrinky dink, Shrinky ...
The proper way to shrink someone is physically impossible, unless a specific individual is into some type of mind spell magic art. Shrinking is defined as a way ...
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