Shubunkin Goldfish?


Shubunkin Goldfish are very hardy. They look like a delicate exotic fish with a calico color pattern. They can live in ponds and care for the Shubunkin Goldfish does not require anything special. They can survive the same conditions as a common goldfish.
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1. Prepare a freshwater aquarium with one gallon of water per inch of fish, or a pond with a square foot of surface area for each inch of fish. Base your measurements on adult fish,
You can only tell dureing there mateing season. I'm not sure when that is. but I know that dureing that time the males will have little pimple looking things on there gills. girls
one goldfish can lay thousands of eggs, so in all pobability, there are more eggs in your pond (you do know that goldfish eat their own eggs also, right?make sure you have plenty
It's okay you can't overdose on bacteria, did you dechlorinate your water before you put the fish in. It sounds like bad water quality has given your fish an internal bacterial problem
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Koi carp are also more expensive to buy and keep than the equivalent sized goldfish. Goldfish and shubunkins are much hardier pond fish compared with Koi, which ...
The pearlscale goldfish, shubunkin and koi are examples of coldwater fish. Others include the fantail goldfish as well as the bubble eye goldfish. Coldwater fish ...
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