Sicilian Coat of Arms?


The Sicilian coat of arms is a symbol representing the Sicilian family of ancient Italy. Such symbols were made by the military. Your coat of arms can be found by selecting the first letter of your surname here Another alternative can be that you make your own by visiting .
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1. Choose a style of shield for the base of your coat of arms. You must also decide if you're going to divide your shield or not. Common divisions include dividing the shield into
The original purpose of a coat of arms was to identify a person in battle when he was heavily encased in armor, and to identify royalty and commanders on the battle field.
1. Draw a shield kind of shape, onto card, not paper because card is stronger. Make this Shield really big. Ad. 2. Use your Ruler to draw a Line that is now dividing your Shield in
United Kingdom The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland depicts a shield supported by a Lion on one side and a Unicorn on the other. The
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