Sick Chihuahua?


Chihuahuas are a very popular pet, and it can be sad to see one get sick. Some symptoms of a sick Chihuahua include seizure, sudden and fast weight loss, lethargy, disorientation, weakness, diarrhea, trouble urinating, trouble walking, bloody urine or stools, a cough, vomiting, and trouble breathing. If your Chihuahua has any of these symptoms, it is important to visit a veterinarian for diagnosis and necessary treatment. Most illnesses can be easily treated, so that your pet can be up to cuddling and running in no time.
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You can tell by your chihuahua being sad. if it doesn't move or if i hardly moves. Maybe throwing up. That's how you'll know.
There are several congenital diseases (dogs are born with these diseases) that
This happened to my chihuahua Teddy too. He is a one year old male boy, chocolate brown and tan. He was fine in the morning. I would however take him to bed with you to monitor him
On Monday morning I took my baby chihuahua to the vet and he diagnosed my baby with something to do with the liver.And he was very sick that there was no way he could save him. He
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Chihuahua's are energetic little dogs. An early warning sign of being sick is a loss of energy. Other signs may be refusing food, elevated temperature, vomiting ...
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