What side dishes go with jambalaya?


Jambalaya is a dish that became popular in Louisiana. Jambalaya consists of a type of meat, peppers, onions, celery, vegetables, rice, and spices. Some side dishes that go well with jambalaya include cheese and jalapeno cornbread muffins, grilled Cajun vegetables, spicy beans, fried spicy okra, dirty rice, black eyes peas with jalapenos, navy beans, sweet cornbread, and a garden salad. Jambalaya is also tasty and filling on its own due to the many spices and ingredients.
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Answer Jambalaya has protein and carbohydrate and some veg so maybe a salad or freshly made tomato and avocado salsa or some garlic bread
green salad, almost always. French bread, of course. green beans, cooked with fat back or bacon. if that's not enough, add some baked sweet potatoes. For desert, peach cobbler is
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