Side Effects of Bojenmi Tea?


Bojenmi tea is supposed to be a type of tea that will help you to have bowel movements if you are constipated. However, there have been many side effects found in relation to this type of tea. Some side effects of bojenmi tea include: heart troubles, insomnia, kidney damage, and diarrhea. It can also sometimes cause a dependence on the tea or other laxatives if it is over-used because the body can then not have bowel movements on its own.
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Green tea does still have some caffeine in it so it can still cause restlessness, irritability, and nervousness. It is also is good though for people with cancer since it is alkaline
Senna is an all-natural herb which possesses laxative properties. With prolonged use, senna has dangerous side effects and can cause bowel dependency. One of the major side effects
None or very few. There are more beneficial side effects than negative ones. It can cause increase in heart rate hence not a good idea to drink before interviews and can cause sleeplessness
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