Side Effects of Eating Too Many Oranges?


The side effects of eating too many oranges includes consuming too much ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid can irritate the stomach and cause diarrhea. Other side effects include headache, heartburn, acid reflux, increased urinary output, and increased risk for kidney stones. Allergic reactions can occur such as anaphylactic shock and reactions with other medications. Other citrus fruits also have the potential to produce the same side effects. It is important to eat the oranges and citrus fruits in moderation.
Q&A Related to "Side Effects of Eating Too Many Oranges?"
I don't think too much Vitamin C will hurt you, or at least not five or six oranges' worth. If you ate 10 or 20, that might be different.
It would only give you slight diarrhea.
Zinc toxicity. If you are a compulsive cough-drop sucker, then at least make sure your drops do not have zinc in them. It is a common ingredient because there is a bit of evidence
Eating to many bananas is to much potassium will eventually
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