Sift Heads 2 Cheats?


Sift Heads is a game for the PC. There are many cheats available for the game to help you get that one-up within the game. To gain invincibility, type in lukyluke.
Q&A Related to "Sift Heads 2 Cheats?"
Hitting 657 activates ingame cheat screen. Perso. = change character. Revive. = health. Reload. = reload current gun (this cheat does not seem to work)
1. Press the left-click on your mouse to fire a weapon. 2. Use the arrow keys to move while you shoot. 3. Press the "Space" bar to reload after running out of ammunition.
Sift Heads 2 cheats Money - clikclak, All weapons - terminator,
boom=all weapons. sift = infinity ammo. rock=invincibility.
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